K1 flaw detectors offer state of the art testing capabilities and come with an easy to use touchscreen interface in addition to an easy report generation tool to record your test results.
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K8 flaw detectors are lightweight, sturdy and just as easy to use as the K1 series. Featuring a compact touchscreen, these instruments are extremely portable and suitable for a wide variety of testing scenarios.
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Founded in 2015 by NDT engineers with over 20 years of industry experience in the field of non-destructive testing as well as extensive experience in the training and certification of NDT professionals, Kappawave’s primary focus has been building quality NDT instruments with an emphasis on usability. Our machines undergo thorough testing by experienced UT professionals to ensure compliance to industry standards. Kappawave’s instruments are world class units produced in the state of Kerala in India. They are economical, easy to operate, reliable, and truly state of the art. Read More About Us»